List Of People From The Maafushi Shooting Incident

Maafushi Shooting Incident

20th September 2003, three inmates were killed by the Maldives police and 16 were injured when they opened fire to quell and uprising as a result of a killing of their friend the night before. These pictures were first published in DO in late 2004.

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20th September 2003 incident was triggered when riots broke out in Maafushi Jail, after another inmate was beaten to death by police security personnel on 19th September 2003, Shown below.

Maldives… Torture in tropical paradise
Police brutality is always associated with dictatorships. Freedom of expression and association is virtually outlawed by such regimes. That is the case in the Maldives. A life sentence in a remote jail cell is the bounty of any patriotic person in the Maldives. read more

The murder of Ali Shaahir by Maldives Police in Maafushi Jail

Ali Shahir was only 18 when he was murdered by Maldives Police…his whole life was ahead of him

Clear signs of torture

The blood patch where his head rested indicates head injury

He bled from his mouth and nose – torture marks on the neck and chest

A former political prisoner believes that these marks of the cuff indicates that he could have
been hung upside down for torture, a common practice

Hussain Salah_Murder_Coverage 2007

Gayoom’s Brutal Justice

This barbarity must be stopped!

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