All That Is Happening In India Right Now


India is now receiving global attention for specific reasons, and the world is looking at one of the largest democracies in the world. Due to that, exploring news content from India will surely give you an idea of all that is happening. So go ahead and read more about the latest from India.

The Farmers Protest

Farmers Protest

If there is one massive movement in India, then it has to be the farmer’s protest against the central government’s laws. The three laws passed by the government have been termed as “Anti-farmer” by top farmer groups, and the farmers refuse to stop their agitation until the laws are scrapped. With the movement going strong, the latest to come from the same is Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and other senior congress leaders visiting the family members of Navreet Singh. (Farmer who died in the Republic Day Protests).

Apart from that, a row of Indian celebrities have also come out in support of the government by calling for unity. With the move seeming like a forced attempt, numerous questions have been raised about the same.

India Vs. England

India Vs. England

Within a matter of a few days, India is about to begin its tour of England, and analysis is already starting to take over the space. With Virat Kohli back on the side, expectations are going to be high as the enthralling series comes to a start. As both sides have packed the best, experts are quite puzzled about the outcome that is about to witness in a few days. As the spin department, fast-bowling department, and the batting department packing the best, this particular series is one that you don’t want to miss out on.

The Budget and Coronavirus

Budget and Coronavirus

As the union budget was released a few days ago, people were waiting to watch how it is going to shape the coronavirus pandemic. Accordingly, about ₹ 71,268.77 crores were allocated to the Ministry of Welfare against ₹ 65,011.8 in 2020-2021. Moreover, the Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan came forward to appreciate the allocation of ₹ 35,000 crores towards Covid-19 vaccines. With the vaccine drive underway, one must wait and watch how these funds are going to bring about a difference.

Saudi Arabia’s Latest Move

Saudi Arabia's Latest Move

Coming to world news and other related aspects, Saudi Arabia has suspended entry from over 20 countries, including India. The rule that begins from Wednesday also includes travellers who have transmitted through the banned countries within the 14-days prior to their journey to the country. However, the rule has a few exceptions, and that includes diplomats, Saudi citizens, and medical professionals. The move follows Saudi Arabia’s bid to control the Covid-19 pandemic and bring about a difference for the better.