How to Become a Doctor in India?



Healthcare in India has been an age-old institution. With the history of Ayurveda and yoga, we have always recognized India as a prime location for herbal and medicinal treatments. Soon after industrialization, when modern medical facilities were introduced in the world, India adopted them and developed its healthcare infrastructure. Although the government in India spends a meager amount of its GDP (gross domestic product), still because of the relatively low cost of medical education, many students prefer to study in India. Because of the increasing migration, many students look for jobs in other countries for better career growth and money opportunities.

Many students in India dream of becoming a doctor in various fields. Most of the students aim to become a surgeon or medical doctor. Because of increasing job opportunities and better medical infrastructure over the years, it is still one of the most lucrative choices.


How to Become a Doctor in India?

For becoming a doctor in India, there are several ways by which one can do so. The first is earning a PhD, but the way to a medical doctor is more complex. One has to at least complete any of the degrees: MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery), BDS (Bachelors in Dentistry), BAMS (Bachelors in Ayurveda), and BHMS (Bachelors in Homeopathy). The other two lesser-known ways are by completing BUMS Unani or BSMS Siddha.

For becoming a doctor, you must decide on it from a young age. It is found that if you decide by the time you reach the age of 14-15, you can pursue the path of becoming a doctor through any of the mentioned ways. It is so because biology as a major subject is compulsory for students who want to pick a college degree in medicine further. Since most of the educational boards in India have a 10+2 system, the latter part of the education, which falls under senior secondary education, has to be completed in biology. Similarly, for engineers, maths is compulsory. Like a compulsion, students who pick biology in school, have to also study mathematics. Once you have studied biology in school, you can take any of the degree courses mentioned above. Some of them are highly competitive when pursued by the entrance exam method. As per the government guidelines, students who wish to study medicine have to go through NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). This test is a common test for entrance in MBBS, BDS, and even BAMS courses in most of the reputed colleges in India. The level of competition is undeniably high as there are millions of aspirants each year. But only a few can get through it considering its level of difficulty.

Right after finishing the degree of MBBS, it awards a student the title of Doctor before his or her name. Further, they can pursue a master’s in medicines. Once a doctor finishes master’s, they are specialist doctors or senior doctors. After further research and study, it awarded them the status of super-specialist doctors. Out of all these, MBBS is one of the most prestigious degrees to become a doctor. And for medical colleges, AIIMS, New Delhi is the topmost facility for studying medicine in India.