How Did India Benefit from Western Technology?



Technology has been a major part of India’s economy and has also helped many people to start up new enterprises. Since the time of the British empire, India has had a firm hold on this sector. With its space research organization and military equipment, India has benefited in this sector. But, western technology and industries fueled a major part of its resources. India could also achieve its nuclear technology goals because of this. Popular scientists like Vikram Sarabhai, Homi Bhabha, APJ Abdul Kalam, etc. it could maintain the growth. With the competitive world at the moment, the major private sector enterprises have helped in capitalizing on the gains from the technology sector.


How Did India Benefit From Western Technology?

For western technology, India witnessed most of it in the time of the British empire regime. During the 150+ years of British rule, the Britishers established a system of imperialism in the country. Imperialism is the concept of one country taking up the economic, political, and cultural resources of a country. The country that usually does is the dominant or ruling country, which in India’s case was the British empire. Britishers used India as a major market country through which they fuelled the industries of their home countries.

In England majorly, the industrial revolution and changing demands of people led to a massive shift in the economic priority of government and empire. They extracted a lot of raw material from India to help its economy grow. The major raw material that was used was indigo, cotton, textile, petroleum resources, etc.

The British Empire also established several technologies in India because they had to stay here to monitor everything. This is how railways were introduced in India. Introducing trains led to an excellent development of infrastructure in India and introduced many jobs as well. The railways became an integral part of India, even post-independence as it continues to employ millions of people and generates revenue for the economy. Apart from it, many other technologies like industries, factories, mills, mines, ammunition centers were manufactured. These have had a powerful impact on India’s aim of growing its technology since then. Soon after independence, India worked on making its international relations smoother with other countries. Some of the major successes it received from the west were from the USA and Europe. It got the support of arms and ammunition, military infrastructure from both. As for its internet and technological growth, the USA played a big role. It helped establish many of its private regional headquarters in India.

With companies like Amazon and Google setting up their offices here, the regional growth in technology has been massive. These firms have been able to understand the domestic market of India and deliver accordingly. Now, India has become a significant part of their global market and also one of the most prominent centers in Asia and South Asia. With this, many jobs are created and it becomes fuel for India’s economy. Apart from this, industrial development has also helped India’s agriculture sector to thrive.