Fear Is The key

Masjid Yusuf Al-Barbaree

On the 13th of this month my 13 year old son who studies in Dharumavantha School went to Masjid Yusuf Al-Barbaree for Isha prayers. When he entered the mosque a huge crowd had gathered at the junction near the famous Shop No. 70 on Majeedhee Magu. The crowd were shouting anti Gayyoom slogans and demanding his resignation. A huge contingent of fully armed riot police and NSS personnel were beating the crowd and abusing those assembled.

At around 7:50 pm a large group of demonstrators were chased by the security personnel and some entered the mosque. A few minutes later the police/security forces used their loud hailers and ordered all those in the mosque, including those engaged in prayer to come out of the mosque immediately or they would fire tear gas into the mosque. Every one ran out in fear. My son noted the time: it was 7:55 pm. He had not completed his prayers. A lot of people, including the Imam were very upset. Some said they would pray for the infidel Gayyoom’s demise. They asked the policemen to remind Gayyoom that someday he would die and rot in hell for this sacrilegious act.

My 10 year old daughter, who studies in Iskandhar School, was also seriously affected that night. She is unable to sleep due to a recurring nightmare where sees a group of Black Jinni’s, breathing fire and smoke, coming to our house to attack all her family. Whenever she sees the riot police she starts trembling.

The Government media meanwhile continues to blame MDP on all the political, social, economic, moral and psychological ills brought about by Gayyoom’s failed policies. I am not affiliated to any political party, but I hope Gayyoom rots in hell for the suffering he is inflicting on the citizens of Maldives, especially on our children.