This Mirror Of Monday Times Website Was Created On December 2nd, 2002. This Copy...

Despite the occasion, it is with sadness that we have to mark this day. Due to reasons that we are unable to discuss publicly,...

Ideals, Principles & Convictions Matter More Than Landmass, Wealth Or Military Strength

The Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies in collaboration with The United States Department of State and the Brookings Institution convened a...

How to Write Address on Envelope in India?

Introduction India Post is the official department that handles all the postal services in India. It comes directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of...

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    Entertainment & Technology

    Entertainment has transformed from a luxury to a necessity. We are all aware of how the industry has changed and how people have contributed...
    Developing Education Master Plan

    Developing Education Master Plan (2006 – 2015)

    Based on a model of sustainable quality educational system 1. Background The current Education Master Plan (1996 - 2005) spanning a period of 10 years is...



    All That Is Happening In India Right Now

    India is now receiving global attention for specific reasons, and the world is looking at one of the largest democracies in the world. Due...
    Maafushi Shooting Incident

    List Of People From The Maafushi Shooting Incident

    20th September 2003, three inmates were killed by the Maldives police and 16 were injured when they opened fire to quell and uprising as...
    Masjid Yusuf Al-Barbaree

    Fear Is The key

    On the 13th of this month my 13 year old son who studies in Dharumavantha School went to Masjid Yusuf Al-Barbaree for Isha prayers....

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