DhivehiObserver.com Enhances Cultural and Agricultural Coverage with MilletIndia.org Domain Acquisition

DhivehiObserver.com is excited to announce the acquisition of MilletIndia.org domain, marking a significant step towards broadening our coverage on cultural and agricultural topics. This...
Aminath Maasha; The Pregnant Lady Beaten Up By Gayyoom's Police

Aminath Maasha; The Pregnant Lady Beaten Up By Gayyoom’s Police

Brother of Ms. Maasha reported that Ms. Maasha is nine months pregnant and was beaten on the stomach by riot police with batons. Brother...

China : Base Strategy – China Acquires A Base In Maldives Against India With...

The location of the Republic of Maldives astride the major sealanes in the Indian Ocean is of strategic relevance to India. -- Ministry of...

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    Humiliated By Maldivian

    Gayyoom Hates His Cartoons But Allowed Nasir To Be Humiliated By...

    In media everywhere, political and business figures are laughed upon by publishing cartoons on printed media and the internet. The purpose of political cartoon...

    What To Look For When You Need An Attorney

    Hiring an attorney for any legal service you may need is not an easy feat. Though there may be thousands of lawyers in your...



    The Greatest Threat To Islam Is Maumoon’s Bastardized Form Of Islam

    After his court case got suspended Fareed & his people marched through the streets of Male' peacefully chanting "ALLAH AKBAR' (Allah is great). In...
    Developing Education Master Plan

    Developing Education Master Plan (2006 – 2015)

    Based on a model of sustainable quality educational system 1. Background The current Education Master Plan (1996 - 2005) spanning a period of 10 years is...

    How to Write Address on Envelope in India?

    Introduction India Post is the official department that handles all the postal services in India. It comes directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of...

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