What To Look For When You Need An Attorney

Hiring an attorney for any legal service you may need is not an easy feat. Though there may be thousands of lawyers in your...

Secrets To Cooking Healthier

Healthy and nutritious eating habits are the sole purpose of leading a healthy lifestyle in the long run. While most of the food habits...

Traveler’s Guide to Transport in India

India is a vast country and dream destination for travelers from around the world. India has a wider landscape which you can witness when...

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    The Murderous Dictator & The ‘Bullet-Ballot’ Propaganda

    A.S.I. Moosa (Sappe'), Editor-in-Chief, Dhivehi Observer, 1 April 2007 In recent weeks, Maldives Foreign Minister Dr. Shaheed has been babbling away just a little bit...

    Should Qasim Ibrahim Be The Next President Of Maldives?

    Below is a post on the Dhivehi Observer which outlines a potential new government for the Maldives. Although some of the people are not...



    This Mirror Of Monday Times Website Was Created On December 2nd, 2002. This Copy...

    Despite the occasion, it is with sadness that we have to mark this day. Due to reasons that we are unable to discuss publicly,...
    Maafushi Shooting Incident

    List Of People From The Maafushi Shooting Incident

    20th September 2003, three inmates were killed by the Maldives police and 16 were injured when they opened fire to quell and uprising as...

    How Did India Benefit from Western Technology?

    Introduction Technology has been a major part of India’s economy and has also helped many people to start up new enterprises. Since the time of...

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