Are We Seing A New Real Estate Boom?

Posted by: | Posted on: November 9, 2017

Are you thinking of selling your property? Before you do, you may want to consider getting the services of PrimeFirst Home Inspections in San Antonio to know what your property is really worth in the current market. In a boom market, it may be tempting to take the first offer especially if your agent is pressuring you, but don’t give in just yet.


Your Property May Be in the New Real Estate Boom Market

The City of San Antonio is rich in heritage, is nearing 1.5 million in population, has a good climate, diverse economies and a wide array of universities; all of which are the characteristics of a New Real Estate Boom. A lot of people are moving to San Antonio with the cost of living far lesser than in New York. In fact, it’s one of the cities noted as top places to live by USA Today. A lot of those who serve in the military are looking forward to retiring in the city. Moreover, Forbes revealed that San Antonio is in the top 5 of the next biggest boom towns in the US.


Before You Sell

First, know who you are selling to. Are you selling to the typical homebuyer who is either buying his home for the first time or is a repeat buyer? Have you met a landlord who is interested in making money out of your property via monthly rentals? Perhaps an investor has shown interest in your property? Individual investors and a company made up of several investors may provide a better deal for your property.

These people often have higher incomes and credit scores than the regular home buyers. Most will also skip the mortgage process and purchase your property with cash. They often focus on starter homes as there is always a market for these. Some would opt for homes that only need modern cosmetic renovations and slight repairs. Companies often buy in bulk due to the appeal of a location. In turn, they offer the community a premium service by bringing new life into several preloved homes.

Having an inspection company take a look at your house may be one of the soundest investments a property seller can make. In fact, statistics reveal that home listings with inspection reports are known to sell higher and faster than listings without. First of all, it shows the buyer that you are selling in good faith. A seller’s inspection report is the same as a buyer’s inspection report.

Hence, your listing price should already be adjusted for any repairs that need to be done in the house. A full inspection should check on your structural system, HVAC system, electrical, plumbing, and appliance systems. If you have other structures that can add value to your homes, such as swimming pools, sprinkler systems, and hot tubs, you should have those inspected too. The median listing price in San Antonio is also rising in recent years. This is due to an increasing demand for housing by the growing population and a shortage of construction workers.


In Conclusion

Time is crucial when it comes to selling and buying property. Investing in an inspection company and even a home warranty can get your property listing sold faster than lemonade on a hot day. The right buyer for your property is out there, so you should be prepared.

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