The Female Athlete – An Exploration of Trends and Challenges in Female Runners and Cyclists

Posted by: | Posted on: October 10, 2017

The media’s increased sexualization is something that female athletes must never ignore. But, it is not the only trend or challenge that the female runners and cyclists must recognize. Female athletes, just it is the case with their male colleagues, want to excel and be the best. Success is impossible to attain with ignorance or the wrong attitude. There is too much information out there, which could enlighten or confuse you further.

Emergence of Biking Bibs

Biking bibs is one of the hottest new trends in female cycling circles. For a long time, bibs were never popular with many women who dislike them for the problems they provide when going to the bathroom. However, the environment is changing today. Female cyclists have embraced biking bibs. The modern bibs are great and highly effective at improving the comfort of the female cyclist. Many female runners also wear and use bibs when training or competing.

Training with Male Athletes

Female running and cycling is just as competitive as the ones involving their male colleagues. With increased competition, the runners and cyclists need to train as hard as male athletes. Today, it is common to see many female runners and athletes training with male athletes. Group training is great because of the support that the runner or cyclist derives from other more experienced athletes.

Weight Training

It’s been long thought that weight training would hamper endurance athletes, especially women. But research is showing that weight training actually helps performance and leads to healthier lives as well. With that said we do recommend some high quality wrist wraps to help protect your wrists so you don’t get injured during your workouts.

Training within/at Your Level

In an effort to be more competitive, many female athletes push their bodies to do more than they can handle. This has become a major challenge and source of anguish for many female athletes. A good habit worth forming is to train within or at your fitness levels. As you improve your fitness levels, you will be in a position to train more intensely. However, this should not prevent you from training with more experienced runners and cyclists if you can handle their intensity.

Attracting More Fans

A different challenge facing female runners and cyclists is attracting more fans and supporters to cheer them when training or competing against others. Over the years, most male sports and games have enjoyed and attracted huge crowds or fans and supporters. As alluded to earlier, the challenge female athletes must deal with is attracting fans and supporters whose only interest is to see the beautiful faces and well-toned bodies instead of cheering the performances and efforts.

Technology for Physiological Measurements

Today, it is difficult to train without taking physiological measurements. Fortunately, a new technology that helps female cyclists and runners to take these measurements has emerged. Taking the measurements was once a preserve of elite performance centers and physiology labs. New technology has emerged to help runners and athletes measure all manner of physiological parameters. Things like better performing equipment, even things like bodybuilding t-shirts have been shown to really be great for cyclists and runners alike. The information is crucial for taking cognisance of any progress made.

Therefore, it is important for female runners and cyclists to be aware of the new trends and challenges that keep emerging in their respective sports. Knowledge is power. A knowledgeable runner or athlete has more power than she realizes. Knowledge gives the female athletes a competitive advantage over others. However, what such athletes must do is to realize that steady cardio training is back. Nothing is trendier or more challenging than regular training.

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